Burglar Alarm Systems

Domestic Security

Intruders and burglary is unfortunately a constant threat and poses a continued concern to homeowners. Metroline Security are specialists in the installation and maintenance of burglar alarms, whether simply an audible system or a monitored system for complete peace of mind.

Home burglar alarm

As an SSAIB-registered installer, we can design, install, monitor and maintain a system to ensure that your home are protected 24 hours a day.

Burglar Alarm Control Panels

Whether a hard-wired or wireless intruder alarm system is most appropriate, we have a range a control panels to suit your needs. These are designed to be user-friendly whilst conforming to the requirements of the police and the insurance industry.

Burglar Alarm Detectors

Using the latest motion detectors, Metroline provide solutions utilising either infrared or dual technology detectors which are ideal for larger commercial premises. We have installed a large number of long-range active infrared and photobeam solutions (up to 200metres) for larger sites where significant areas of coverage are required.

Your premises will be protected from unauthorised entry by using our range of door magnets. These include flush, surface-mounted, heavy duty and shutter contacts. Each of these completes a circuit once the door or shutter is closed. If there is a forced entry, the circuit is opened and the alarm activated.

Audible Burglar Alarms

A “bells-only” alarm, otherwise known as audible alarm, is an intruder alarm which makes only audible noise from the external and or internal sounders when the alarm is triggered.

Whilst an audible alarm may deter intruders and alert your neighbours when the alarm is activated, it will not lead to a police response.

Alarm Speech Dialer

Intruder alarms may be connected to a speech dialler which enables the alarm system to send messages to a combination of telephone numbers (including mobile phones) in the event of alarm activation. Speech diallers can be standalone units or integral to the intruder alarm control panel.

Police Response

For details on Police Response, please refer to the Kent Police APCO policy

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

For details on monitored intruder alarms, please refer to our remote monitoring page.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance

Having your intruder alarm properly maintained will ensure it protects your home, extend its longevity, reduce false alarms, and reduce your insurance premiums.

Metroline Security service and maintain thousands of residential burglar alarms throughout Kent. We pride ourselves on not only being genuinely cost-effective (contact us today to find out how much you could save by switching to Metroline Security) but our ongoing service and support are truly second to none.

For details on our maintenance contracts, please visit our servicing and maintenance page.

Domestic maintenance packages
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