Fire Extinguishers

It is estimated that throughout the UK there are several million portable fire extinguishers – each needs to be serviced regularly if it is to remain effective in case of a fire.

It is often a fire extinguisher which is blamed for failing to control a fire whereas the problem often lies with an insufficient maintenance and servicing plan.

Regular maintenance is essential with safety products such as fire extinguishers. British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306 Part 3 recommends that your fire extinguishers are serviced at least annually to ensure that they will always function in an emergency.

The range of fire extinguishers we supply will provide many years of reliable fire protection only if properly maintained and regularly serviced by a competent engineer. Our fully qualified engineers will visit on a regular basis to ensure your equipment is kept ready for the moment you really need it and are happy to advice on any of your fire safety queries.

Dedicated to Quality

The type fire extinguishers we supply are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. They are approved to BS EN3 – the standard for portable fire extinguishers that replaced BS 5423 in 1997. All products carry a 5 year warranty provided they are serviced in accordance with the requirements of BS 5306.

British Standards Institution revised BS5306 Part 3, splitting it into two parts i.e. BS5306 Part 3 and Part 8 which now includes the advice on selection and installation.This states that extinguishers should, in most cases, be in accordance with BS EN3.

Fire Extinguishers Colour Guide