Fire Risk Assessments

SP203-1 Fire detection and alarm systems (Design; Installation; Commissioning/Handover; Maintenance)

Changes in Fire Safety Legislation came into force on 1st October 2006 that impact on the way you run your business. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states companies are required to complete a Fire Risk Assessment.

The new focus now is very much on fire prevention and risk assessment. The Regulations place a statutory duty on the Responsible Person to protect their employees and anyone else lawfully on the premises. This includes all customers, subcontractors, delivery people, any occupiers of let rooms, etc. The duty also extends to those not on the premises but in or around the premises such as neighbours who may be affected by a fire and even the emergency services.

It is also stipulated by many insurance companies as a prerequisite to validating insurance policies.

If you do not have a fire risk assessment in place you need one! This will ensure that your company is compliant with current regulations and insured against asset loss.

Please see the governments Fire Safety in the Workplace page.

If your organisation has not carried out a fire risk assessment then you need to act immediately to ensure you have suitable and sufficient documented risk assessments in place.

Metroline Security performs a structured and systemic examination of all areas of Fire Safety within your workplace. As experienced Health & Safety professionals and a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, we review your current fire safety procedures and company practices. Our onsite Fire Risk Assessments and detailed report provide a comprehensive and in depth analysis of all the fire risks at your premises.

Our Risk Assessment report you receive after the assessment is easy to understand, it will identify the Hazards/Issues, Assessed/Control measures and actions to be taken, along with a risk rating. This will ensure that your organisation conforms to the requirements of current legislation and the new requirements specified in the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005).

If you have business premises where employees, the general public and tradesmen work or visit you must by law have a Third Party Fire Risk Assessment. For a free quote contact Metroline now

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