Integrated Systems

With increasingly complex and comprehensive fire and security systems in place, the demand for fully-integrated security solutions has grown dramatically. Metroline Security have an extensive background to meet your requirements however complicated.

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Integrated systems allow your intruder alarm, fire alarm, access control, and CCTV to work together seamlessly to provide a truly integraed security solution. In addition, these can integrate with building management systems or individual controls to manage lighting, heating and power to drastically reduce your carbon footprint and utility costs!

For example, having a truly integrated system can ensure that a detection triggers the security alert, trurns on lighting and points CCTV cameras to the exact source of the incident. Clearly this provides more time to react to the incident and makes it more likely that the intruder will be scared off and that a positive identification can be made.

Linking an integrated system to monitoring and police response ensures that a detection will alert the police, although it can also alert you by phone call or text (from which you could view the CCTV over a mobile phone or laptop).

With access control or RFID tags, an individual’s position in a building can be monitored. If a staff member was the first onto the premises, swiping their access control card could deactivate the intruder alarm and turn on specific lighting, heating or air conditioning as they access specific doors.

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